Rates of Marvellous Delhi Escorts

Marvellous Delhi Escorts

Have you ever imagine about tanning or performing in the sand with a couple of beautiful, scarcely marvellous Delhi escorts? Or having plentiful amounts of sun lotion massaged onto your skin by a stunning escorts, or vice versa? Delhi is home to some of the most pretty and endlessly fun nightlife on the city, and going out for a long, calming day with terribly gorgeous bars is a very sexy experience.

1 cup of tea would be for 20,000 Indian Rupees and company time is 2 hours

2 cup of tea would be for 30,000 Indian Rupees and company time is 4 hours

Full night stay with you will be starting from 9 pm on-wards and would cost you 50000 Indian Rupees

All rates and fees mentioned above for any Delhi escort here are solely for time and companionship.